Soft Skills


Soft skills program is designed for students, employees, and Entrepreneurs and will provide the participants with a strong conceptual and practical framework to build, develop and manage teams.

The program aims to play an important role in the development of the overall personality, thereby enhancing their career prospects. The soft skills training provides a strong practical orientation to the participants and helps them in building and improving their skills in communication, team building, leadership, time management, group discussions, interviews, and interpersonal skills.


This training helps participants in career visioning and planning, effective writing skills, and dealing with placements and interviews.

The training in soft skills has two parts. One part involves developing attitudes and attributes, and the other part involves fine-tuning communication skills to express attitudes, ideas, and thoughts well. Crucial to successful work is the perfect integration of ideas and attitudes with appropriate communication skills in oral, written, and non-verbal areas.

Attitudes and skills are integral to soft skills. Each one influences and complements the other.

The training is conducted in a very informal, interesting, and interactive manner, which gives sample scope for the participants to interact with each other and face a wide variety of issues, topics, and situations that they are likely to come across as entry-level employees

By the end of this training program, you will be able to:

  1. Develop effective communication skills (spoken and written).
  2. Develop effective Planning skills.
  3. Conduct effective business correspondence and prepare business reports which produce results.
  4. Become self-confident individuals by mastering interpersonal skills, time management skills, and leadership skills.
  5. Develop all-around personalities with the maturity to function effectively in different circumstances through goal/target setting, self-motivation, and practicing creative thinking.
  6. Develop broad career plans, evaluate the employment market, identify the organizations to get good placement, match the job requirements and skillsets.
  7. Actively participate in group discussion/meetings and interviews
  8. Become a more effective individual
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